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Blowers Kansas City, MO

Blowers Kansas City

Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy services and supports a range of blower solutions with flow range up to 40,000 SCFM.

Product solutions include:

Rotary Screw

Rotary Screw blowers are a tried and trusted technology consisting of a single stage, oil-free screw compressor that is optimized for low pressures. The geometry of the rotor is based on a screw, the air is captured between two rotors which gradually reduce its volume as a result of the counter-rotatingscrews until it is pushed out through the discharge port. The process results in the air blowing out for use in your Kansas City facility.

Rotary Lobe

Rotary lobe blowers use isochoric compression to pull air through rotors and cylinders. The air pressure does not build until the air has been successively pushed through the connected pipeline. This method of blowing air using rotary lobe blowers causes the pressurization to occur externally. The air comes out at a highpressurefor use in your Kansas City facility.


Claw Blowers work by turning two claw-shapedrotors in opposite directions. The air gets caught between the two claw rotors and forced to reduce its volume until it is ejected into the discharge port. Claw Blowers through Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy are the best on the market for your Kansas City facility

FS Elliott blower

Industry Leading Portfolio

Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy works with the industry's leading manufacturers. Contact us for all of your sales, service and planning needs.



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