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Generators Kansas City, MO

Generators Kansas City, MO

Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy provides portable and rental generators for a variety of industries including agriculture, industrial, water treatment and health care in the Kansas City area. 

Generators are a vital part of your Kansas City facility, there are a multitude of different uses for industrial generators. Generators can be used as a backup if the power if there is a shortage, generators can also add extra power for bigger facilities. Generators can power devices such as ventilators, monitors, life support system, security systems, lights, or anything else that needs power for your Kansas City facility. Generators are often powered by diesel or natural gas and supply a large amount of power your facility or to your machinery out in the field.

Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy provides both OEM and NON-OEM parts for the following manufacturers:

  • Hipower Systems
Hipower industrial generator

Industry Leading Technology

Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy works with the industry's leading manufacturers. Contact us for all of your sales, service and planning needs.

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