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Industrial Dryers Kansas City

Industrial Dryers Kansas City

Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy services and supports a wide variety of industrial dryers. Industry widesolutions range from 11 SCFM to 19,200 SCFM. 


Products include:

Zeks dryer

Refrigerated Air Dryer

A Refrigerated Air Dryer is a cost-effective way of drying air for your Kansas City facility. The drying process is done by cooling the air in the air dryer causing the moister to condense into liquid, which sinks to the bottom and gets filtered out. The remaining air is drier and ready to be utilized by the rest of your Kansas City machinery.

Desiccant Air Dryer

Desiccant Air Dryer systems purifycompressed air by absorbing the moister. Water vapor in compressedair can wreak havoc in your equipment in your Kansas City plant, some effects can be prematurefailure, frozen air lines, quality control issues, and other operational problems.

Mist Eliminator

Don’t let the name Mist Eliminator fool you, the Mist Eliminator can handle a whole lot more than just a little mist. These machines have the ability to pull out the moisturein the air in the wettest conditions that Kansas City, and have the air come out dry in the end.

Condensate Drains

Condensate Drains are a very important part of any piece of dryer equipment in your Kansas City factory. All of that moisture that is being pulled out the air needs to go somewhere. Condensate drains take the condensed moisture and take it away from your equipment.

Condensate Management Systems

Condensate Management Systems are systemsthat minimize the build-upof harmful condensate in compressed air systems. Without Condensate Management Systems moisture could build up in your Kansas City equipment causing harmful effects in your system.

Air Treatment Equipment

Air Treatment Equipment is all of the equipment that goes into altering the air to be drier, cooler, or cleaner. Using these tools you can extend the life of other equipment in your Kansas City facilities.

Industry Leading Portfolio

Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy works with the industry's leading manufacturers. Contact us for all of your sales, service and planning needs.

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