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Failure Mode and Events Analysis

A Disciplined Approach to Servicing Your Equipment

Failure Mode and Events Analysis is commonly used in the manufacturing industry to help identify points of failure and the potential impact of those failures on operation. Although widely used in manufacturing, FMEA is just getting started in the service industry.

Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy however, is on the leading edge of deploying this methodology in our service operations.

We believe that by taking a disciplined approach to monitoring, analyzing and predicting behavior, we can better serve our customers and maximize your uptime.

Failure Mode and Events Analysis evaluates the probability of failure points occurring, and the subsequent effects of those failures on operations. The Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy service technicians analyze data to assign a risk priority number or RPN. The RPN is a critical decision index that calculates:

  • The severity of event (S) 
  • The probability of occurrence (O)
  • The probability of detection (D)

    RPN = S x O x D

A higher RPN is indicative of more risk and enables the RAGE team to proactively take corrective action. These corrective measures can eliminate or decrease the frequency of potential failures in the future and reduce the severity of failures.

This systematic technique is a high-quality improvement tool that can be implemented at an early stage. Over time, adopting the FMEA strategy makes equipment more reliable leading to higher uptime and productivity.

Rasmussen Air and Gas Energy believes that by adopting this progressive service approach, we can better serve our customers and increase your equipment expectations and productivity.

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